Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something Was Cooking but Wasn't Yet a Chicken

Well, folks, I'm currently flying above Arizona and, as you can see, I've ponied up the $12.95 for wifi so that you can receive this most scintillating update.

Everything has been copacetic so far: smooth cab ride to JFK, no insistence from Virgin that I check either bag, tearful goodbye with Jon, very slight ear-popping upon take off, no real turbulence, loads of free bottled water, decidedly uncrappy airplane snacks, clean airplane restroom, good wifi signal & a working power outlet for my machine. AND we're 20 minutes ahead of schedule.

Did I plan to memorize Standing Bow Pulling on this flight? I did. Did I take the dialogue out of my carry-on? Yes. Has it been sitting pretty in my mesh seat pocket while I marvel at Facebook chat 36,506 feet in the air? You betcha! I swear I'll have it down by Tuesday. Tuesday! 

While I'd like to say that I'll blog 1-2 times/week at Training, we all know I can't commit to anything, so instead I'll just say that I plan to ride the wave. I have brought with me three beautiful notebooks I knew I'd use one day, for copious note-taking, as well as a camera for photographic evidence of my attendance & participation!

With just under 1 hour of flight to go, I want to express my immeasurable gratitude to everyone who has helped make this experience possible for me: all the teachers, past and present, at Bikram Yoga Manhattan -- thank you for such a solid foundation; the beyond-awesome community of yogis who practice at BYM -- thank you for your continual encouragement; my parents -- thank you for coming around to an alternative path; Lo -- thank you for your daily validation & unwavering friendship; and Jon -- thank you for every single MOMENT.

Love & light to all -- stay tuned for what will prove to be an unforgettable 9 weeks.

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