Sunday, September 11, 2011

Say That You Love Me

Long time no post? Yes indeed, blog, but we're like old friends that can pick right back up from July, no?

Time has continued marching on at a brisker-than-usual pace, and before I know it summer has come and gone. Training lurks just one week around the corner, but the enormity of it still hasn't hit me yet.

Intellectually, I know that I'm about to be away from home for a significant period of time for the first time ever; I'm about to fly alone for the first time ever; I'm about to go to LA for the first time ever; and, most importantly, I'm about to take 99 Bikram classes in 63 days for the first time ever!

As I type these words, though, it's as if I'm narrating someone else's life. One week from today I'm going to be a trainee? No way! Two years ago, when I applied for, but didn't get, the scholarship for the Fall 2009 Training, the reality of going seemed so far out of sight and out of reach. The countdown to next Sunday was simply immeasurable! Even when I started this blog in January, Training was still very much a mirage. Now, it really is the Countdown to the Countdown. I may actually have to start packing!

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, I gave notice at work. I got myself good and wound up for the proceedings and was convinced it would not end well. Naturally I asked everybody and their mother for advice on how to handle the talk. I'd never left a job I liked before, and I so wanted to leave on good terms. I love this job; the company and the people are totally bitchin'. It was a thoroughly agreeable situation -- a difficult one to give up. Of course the whole scene went off without a hitch. I couldn't believe not only the complete lack of rage but the actual kindness and show of support. Have I become a cynical bastard? Perhaps! Tomorrow is my last day, and I'm grateful to be bowing out with a clear conscience.

After that I'll have a few days to learn some dialogue, practice the series, get my stuff together, and get the hell out of dodge. Every facet of this last minute preparation has me giddy: packing, printing my boarding pass, even the nauseous drive to the airport -- I can't wait!

See you kids in a week!

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